Good heavens no! You hastily scramble to the kitchen to pour a bowl of Kat Snacks(tm). You place it at the feet of the arm chair. Then you turn on the furnace. Get some extra blankets. Take a warm shower, and go to bed. Hours later, your kitty crawls into bed with you.\n\n"Sweet dreams love," you swear you hear it whisper. Not wanting to argue or even question. You close your eyes and drift swiftly off to sleep. Besides. You start flying lessons tomorrow.\n\nThe End.
As you reach for the boxes, you can't quite make it. But then you get the brilliant idea of digging under them to make them fall towards you. You have some initial success. One of the boxes slides towards you. And you want the other. You vigorously dig towards it. Suddenly the little tunnel you were making collapses, revealing a false bottom and a long, long drop below. You, the boxes, and the plane all tumble down the steep hill side.\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
After the boxes are a safe distance away and closer to the thick tree line. You set them up to your right and left. You look over the cliff where the plane fell as you ponder which box to open.\n\n[[A: Open the left box. |Left]]\n[[B: Open the right box. |Right]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $has_gloves = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nYou are aware that you are wearing your jacket.\n\n[[You open your eyes. |Okay]]\n\n
You stumble your way to the center of the living room. There lies the electric furnace. As you go to turn it on, a thought comes to your mind.\n\nDid you remember to feed the cat?\n\n[[A: Of course you did, don't be silly. |Yes]]\n[[B: Good lord no I forgot! |No]]\n
It is pitch black and you can barely make out anything. For some reason, you feel trapped! And are you a little cold?\n\nYou are aware that you are wearing your jacket.\n\n[[A: Open your jacket to check. |Jacket]]\n[[B: Put your hands in your pockets. |Pockets]]\n
Oh thank goodness! You were starting to get nervous and could use a smoke right now. You reach into your left jacket pocket to grab your smokes. You place a cigar in your mouth, and strike a match. It is only then that you sense a warning sign, the faint hint of gasoline on the snow. And only then is it too late. The cliff explodes in a bright, firey orange before dumping it's burning contents to the forest below. Need I say it kills you in the process?\n\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
Yes of course, your in a dream. How could you not be? The kitty purrs as you pick her up and hold her to your chest.\n\n[[A: Kiss the kitty. |Kiss]]\n[[A: Bop the kitty on the nose. |Wolf]]\n
<<if $has_gloves eq "no">>As ridiculous as it may sound, you try to lift the plane from your body. You miraculously succeed, much to your astonishment. As you stand though, you know something's wrong. The plane's tail, the part you were lifting, dips sharply down ward. You try to let go, but like sticking your tongue to a lamp post, they won't budge. You tumble down the cliff attached to your plane screaming. <<else>>\nWith the gloves on your hands, you easily lift the plane up. Then as it continues to go sharply down, you realize why. The front of the plane was teetering at the edge of a cliff with a very sharp drop! \n<<endif>>\n\n<<if $has_gloves eq "no">>[[Restart |Okay]]\n <<else>>\n[[A: Move the boxes away from the cliff. |Away]] <<endif>>\n
Of course, there's no other explanation. Your mad. Your mad! Mad mad mad mad! You hear your cackling laughter over the echo of the cliff side. Yes, that's it. There'd be no way you could face people again after having gone mad. You smile to your kitty and wave goodbye. A tear falls from it's eye as it waves back. You back up to the forest edge, then you make a dashing run for the cliff side. Laughing all the way. You always wanted to really fly. Now you'll have tasted at least a little bit of it. That was fun. You think as the ground reaches up to you and smashes you to pieces.\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
You softly give the kitty a kiss. She smiles, wait, smiles? And places a paw on your nose.\n\nInstantly you awake to find yourself in your armchair, your cat sleeping in your lap, and an open book on your chest. It's gotten a little cold. You shiver a moment and, after carefully moving the cat, get up.\n\n[[A: Turn the furnace on. |Furnace]]\n[[B: Properly go to bed. |Bed]]\n
Winter Jacket
You feel too tired to mess with anything. You just need some heavy blankets that's all. You gather some from the closet and make your to your room. You collapse and drift off to sleep.\n\nTwo days later, the police find your fozen body. The temperatures fell rapidly that night and you had gone to bed in pajamas and uncovered. The neighbors had called when your cat showed up on their door to beg for food.\n\nThe End.\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
As you open your jacket, snow falls in unexpectedly! You try to jerk back but are unable to. You are suddenly cold.\n\n[[A: Close your jacket. |Close]]\n[[B: Shake out your jacket |Shake]]\n
It is with a sudden look of horror that you remember that she doesn't like that. Instantly she goes into a frenzy, scracthing and biting and clawing! Getting dangerously close to your throat! She also gets bigger, getting to heavy to carry any more! You drop her on the ground and run! You hear a snarl and turn around. Wait, that's no kitty, that's a wolf! You run, but it's too late! The wolf leaps upon it's prey and bites down hard on the neck! You manage one last scream as the last of your breath is taken away and your eyes close and things grow dark.\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
What does it have in it's pockets?\n\n[[B: A matchbox. |Matches]]\n[[B: A pair of gloves. |Gloves]]\n
You close your jacket. And you feel suddenly stupid. Of course, the snow is going to melt. You can feel it already. Of course, your going to start shaking. You can feel it already. Of course, your now going to die of hypothermia. You can feel it setting in already. As the last ebbing of your will fades away, your eyes close as you silently pass from this life.\n\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
Of course your dreaming. You remember now. You fell asleep in your armchair reading a book. There's no way this can be happening. You don't know how to fly! You don't even like camping!\n\n[[A: Pick up the kitty. |Kitty]]\n
You open the left box. The right box is frozen stuck it seems. Inside, are a tent, a sleeping bag, and some flares! Luck you! You set up your site and start using your flares.\n\nThree days later, your body is found frozen in a tent. With no food or water, in these conditions, you didn't last very long.\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n
You pop open the right hand box. Flour, oil, utensils, and a bag of tortilla chips were in here. At least the knife would be useful. You take it out and start walking towards the woods. When all of a sudden you hear a mew and turn wildly around. That's not a sack of flour. That's your cat! Criminey, how'd it get there? You begin to walk towards your kitty. But then you stop to think. Has the cold gotten to your mind already and you are so far gone that you have no hope? Or are you dreaming?\n\n[[A: Sadly yes, you are mad. |Mad]]\n[[B: You aren't mad! You must be dreaming! |Dream]]\n
Of course, the sensible thing to do would be to shake the snow out of your jacket. You don't want to be catching hypothermia now do you? You look up after doing so to get a good look around. It appears that you are trapped under what appears to be a small one passenger plane. On what appears to be on the edge of a precipice. You can't see it but the plane is probably in a mess. There are however, two arm sized boxes just ahead of you, about a foot deep each.\n\n[[A: Reach for the boxes. |Reach]]\n[[B: Lift the plane up. |Lift]]\n
You hastily place the gloves on. Just now realizing the cold and thankful for their warmth. You think the best idea would be to shake the snow out of your jacket then look around.\n<<set $has_gloves = "yes">>\n\n[[A: Shake out your jacket |Shake]]\n
Of course. Don't be silly. You fire up the furnace to medium and go to bed. In the morning, your house is found in flames. The fire started at the furnace sometime in the middle of the night. There are cat tracks leading away from the back of the house to the woods behind. And investigation has begun. Police are highly suspicious that the cat had turned the heater to dangerously high levels and has fled the scene! Police have begun a search.\n\n\nThe End.\n\n[[Restart |Okay]]\n