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Ancient Easy Bake Meth Lab
Level 1

General Help

Click on drugs to add them to the combination queue.

Click on queued drugs to remove them from the queue.

Make sure to see what your buyers want before wasting all your drugs.

Combining drugs yields a general loss in created material. This can be changed with upgrades.

Upgrade your level to make better drugs and unlock another base drug.

Game made in 48 hours for LD 36, theme Ancient Technology.

This game should autosave on reload/close.

Drug Maker Extreme

Recently you were sleeping outside of a museum inside of its dumpster and you found dumped in upon you a rickety old chest. This chest you noted would be an appropriate place to hide your drug stash.

Little did you know that the chest was the Ancient Easy Bake Meth Lab of Venix The Pirate. Now you have realized that it combines drugs and forms more potent ones. You intend to use this chest to make bank and stay off the street.

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